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Group Introduction

Hengtong Group,

the largest system integrator and network service provider in fiber optic network and electric power network in China,

among the top 3 brands of the global optical fiber communication.

Hengtong possesses more than 70 wholly-owned companies and holding companies, 3 of which are listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange’s main board, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Indonesia stock market, establishes marketing technological service branches in over 30 countries and regions around the world, supplies products and services in over 130 countries and regions. Leading by the guidelines of open, convergence, cooperation and win-win, Hengtong will boost the “four transformations” to achieve the objective of “four convergences” and to be a global first-class hi-tech enterprise with high social reputation.

Business Scope
Communication Industry
Electricity Industry
New Industry
Global Industry
Financial Industry
Capital Investment Business
Cultural Tourism and Real Estate Business
Communication Operating Business